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Submitting blog to Google is a way of getting organic traffic.

What is ORGANIC TRAFFIC: organic traffic can be referred to those visitors that gets into your blog or website through search engines like GoogleBingYandex Yahoo etc. 

     Now are you ready to submit your blog to Google?.

Make sure you have computable links in your blog posts. Learn More.



  • Make sure you use your website default URL, also use your https or http extension.
  • Visit your blog and check the URL to know whether is has www prefix or not. Avoid using www version when your blog URL opens without www version. It can lead to duplication of content.
  • Add your sitemap for Google indexing and crawling.

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        When the above instructions are done, your blog will definitely appear in Google search engine. To know if your blog or website are being index by Google got Google search bar and input your complete URL and hit search.

    NB: You should be able to see your complete posts if Google has indexed all the number of post you have. Learn More


        In order to experience more of search engine traffic do not forgot to submit your blog to 

    • Bing
    • Yandex
    • Yahoo

    In conclusion.

    Submitting blog to Google is not a guarantee that your blog will rank well in search engine, rather it will help in you’d blog existence in the web.