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Traffic is the main thinPatrolasters seriously need. Any blog or website without traffic is like a business man without customers, that can lead to zero sales. Thou am not the best in SEO, but with experience I can outline how it worked for me.

Getting your blog or website to rank well on search engine like GoogleBingYandex. you need to work on it. Even those things you may look down on can boost your blog ranking. 


  1. Get Backlinking.
  2. Internal linking
  3. Outbound linking
  4. Blog Submissions to search engine.
  5. Use of SEO plugin (WordPress blogs)


   Back link might look confusing to some people but am gonna explain it in details.


If for example am discussing about Google, and I used Google URL on the text “Google” which I just did above. That is means I have back linked Google site, and by if the site gets more back link search engine bots will take such website as important one thereby ranking it more in search results. 

   Getting back links, doesn’t mean you should ask blog owners to back link your site, rather make your blog a unique one, by updating it with reasonable and unique content, by so doing blog views or even your fellow bloggers will do the back linking for you without your knowledge.


       Internal linking is what you can actually do all by yourself. While you write your blog posts always refer to some of your old post that relates to the new post.

   Internal links are those links that leads to another page or post in the same site, without redirecting you to another webpage. Learn More.

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           Outbound links are links that point to some other domain from your site. When you link out to related domains, it not only helps the search engine to understand your niche, but also helps to increase the trust and quality of your site which plays a vital role in your blog’s SEO.

     Outbound Links:

  •  Always gives search engine ideas about your niche due the relevant links.
  • Helps to build relationships with related blogs on your niche.

Benefits of outbound links from the SEO perspective:

 Before I describe the general benefits of outbound links, I’d like to introduce you to the Google related link operator. Like any other operator in a Google search, you cause Google’s related link operator to see what links are relevant to your site according to Google! A good related site link for your site will list all of the important and popular sites in your niche. FYI, even a comment link is counted as related links, and if someone is commenting on every post published on your blog, he may even see the benefit of being featured as related site. You can search for “related:(your domain name).com” in Google to see related site links.

   Submit Your Blog To Search Engine

    Another way to boost your blog ranking is letting search engines to know more about your website by submitting it to webmasters tools which are being provided for free by search engine platforms..


   If your site is on WordPress platform, you have to make use of SEO plugins that can also boost your search engine visibility.

   Plugins Includes..

In conclusion

      I believe that using the above techniques can help more in your SEO, if you have more advanced method of SEO kindly share with us In the Comment.

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