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      Popunder ad networks are those ad network that their ads normally opens a new Window or tab to serve ads when visitors visits your blog or makes any click.

    Popunder Ad Networks Are Listed Below.

          1. Popads

PopAds the new breed. Now it’s your chance to experience an ad network that pays well and takes good care of its members. Join us now and start bringing top quality visitors to your website as an advertiser or simply become a publisher and monetize your website’s traffic with high quality ads which appear as popunders. Our services are guaranteed to be fast, efficient and secure. There is no other ad network on the market that processes payment requests daily for publishers and there is no ad network on the market that can promote your website as efficient as we do for advertisers.

  • Minimuim Payments: $5
  • Payment cycle: Daily
  • Company name: Popads

             2. Popcash

 Maximize your revenue with PopCash! You can start earning money in less then 10 minutes. All you need is an account in our system and your domains approved. Once you have done those things you can place the Javascript code (generated by our system) in your website body. This is all! Now all your visitors will view a pop-under from PopCash. Our pop-under is showed once in a 24 hour timeframe, so your visitors will not be disturbed by repeated popunders!.

  • Minimum payout: $10
  • Payment frequency: on request

            3. Propellerads Media

 PropellerAds – Payouts 200% higher than anywhere else due to detailed optimization of each site individually and selecting the best performing campaigns. Quick and in-time payouts by any payment method convenient to you. 100% monetization of your inventory at all ad formats at maximum CPM rates. Try it now to increase profit from your site. Propellerads has been the best popunder ad network both in CPM and clicks. You can as know more on how they are the best popunder ad network.

  • Minimum payout: $100
  • Payment cycle: Monthly

          4. Exoclick

ExoClick – Get a part of our 125+ billion monthly ad impressions! New analysis & reporting tools to optimise your campaigns; Data refreshed every 60 seconds; Day-parting, CSV data exports and many more new features; Ranked 5th largest ad network in the world by W3Techs; Ranked twice Deloitte Fast 500; #1 ad network in the entertainment market; Target by geo, language, OS, browser, device, carrier…

  • Minimum Payout: $20
  • Payment cycle: net7, monthly

          5. Popunder

More than 500 thousands sites have decided to work with us, Popunder consistently buys traffic at maximum prices (advertisers compete for your traffic) and also there was no payment delays since 2007. Every day we can provide up to 20 million unique visitors for your website. We also provide free targeting by geography (including cities), time and budget. Targeting by keywords will provide you most suitable visitors.

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In conclusion:

There are other popunder ad networks online for you to try and see how far they works. Or if you have any suggestions on another ad network. Let us know right away on comment box.

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