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Popunder ad network has now becoming the top ad network in the market. Due to the high paying CPM rate of some popunder ad network.

 When talking about the best. To me, I have noticed and confirmed that truly, it’s the best for newbies and experienced web Masters.

  This particular popunder ad network is no other than Propellerads Media. Propellerads has proven to be the top and high paying popunder ad network irrespective of your country. Normally it is said that getting traffic from developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Can pay higher than other countries when it comes to ad network. But I must confess that one of my blog that has it’s 70% traffic from Nigeria is paying me up $1 for 800 impressions. Thou the bid is not stable but it’s a good one.

Looking at Their promise to publishers

“”We maximize your income by efficiently monetizing global web and mobile traffic across all devices and platforms with highest eCPM rates.””.

  You will definitely understand what they can do. Thou not all ad network that gives such promise can be able to fulfill it but I have confirmed propellerads media myself and I strongly recommend it to any Webmaster out their.

    Don’t get deceived by thousands of list of ad network. I love teaching people what they will benefit from. And that’s why am giving you the best of my information. 

    Always keep in mind that that which works for you may not work for another person. But in the other hand, their is no harm in trying.

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         Secret Of Making Money With Propellerads Media:

  • No 1 secret is traffic: how much traffic do your blog gets in a day?. This should be the question you should answer. If for example you are getting up to 500 visitors per day. Then using propellerads media can work for you. But if not, try and boost your SEO, because I prefer organic traffic than paid traffic. Because you can loose money while paying for traffic.
  • Use At most Three Ad Code: Too many ad code of popunder and pop-up ads on a given website or blog can decrease you blog traffic, do not annoy your visitors because you wanna earn thousands in a twinkle of an eye. 
  • Make sure you have a great contents that can attract more blog viewers. I have a friend who gets 1500 views per day and he uses propellerads media to make money from his blog. Thou the popunder ads disturbs but I always visits his blog frequently just because of his great blog posts.


 propellerads media has proven its royalty to some webmaster including me. And I bet you there are no other popunder ad network that pays more than them

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