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Making money online today has been gone viral around the globe, one thing about the ways to make money online is that sometimes age does not count because I have seen a 10 year old boy who has a YouTube channel, and makes huge money from it by just uploading funny videos he made by himself.

  Making money online is easy and hard as well. Depending on how you go about it. Your effort matters a lot. You cannot just decide to make money online and wait for the money to flow in for you. No it doesn’t work like that. 

  Sometimes you have to invest, while some do not need any investment, even those without any investment can consunlme your time.

    Ways To Get Started…

 There are thousands of things you can do to make money online, but we are going to discuss few but important ones that can help you boost your monthly income in a glance.


  1. YouTube Channel.
  2. Blogging.
  3. Survey Panel.
  4. Affiliate program.
  5. App development.

And many more, I choosed to list this ones above because they are the ones that have already worked for me. If you cannot cope with them, then try searching more here.


   Managing   YouTube Channel.

  This is a means of creating and managing YouTube channel by uploading relevant videos that people likes, it can be…

> Funny

> Educative

> Interesting

> News

>Informative etc.

  Uploading pornographic video is a serious offence which can lead to account termination. 

  You can make money on YouTube by signing up for AdSense via YouTube channel setting. Or you can as well associate an existing AdSense with your YouTube channel if available. 

NB: at the point of writing this post Google only accept YouTube channel owner if your videos have  gotten 10k views.

      About Blogging:.

Blogging is the most popular and competitive way to make money online. Due to the money it generate, individuals have moved mainly into it, some with success story while some are still working hard to archive the best, and so have give up since, 

Blogging itself is work on its own which requires dedication, self determination, in that way you can succeed in it.

Starting a blog can be free, but sometimes require investment,  you can start for free by using free hosting platforms like BloggerWordPress etc. You can just choose a free sub domain for your blog, and start blogging immediately, while you can invest as low as $10 to register a domain or $35 for domain hosting and domain registration. You can try: godaddy.comwhogohost etc. 

      Join Survey Programs..

This is also the simplest way but it’s time consuming, because you have to put interest in your email address waiting for a survey to arrive. The early you opened the new survey sent to you the better. 

Survey panels you can apply for irrespective of your country are.



        Affiliate Programs…

This is a way of promoting products in online marketplace, you can as well do this without a website. If you are good in convincing people. Affiliate marketing will definitely suite you. If you don’t have a blog to showcase the product you are promoting. You can go to Amazon and promote goods that can pay up to $500 if sold. You can use Facebook ads, Email marketing strategy, to promote a product..


    App Development….

  Today one can create application without stress, right from your mobile phone, you create an app with just few click with platforms like, AppsgeyserAndroidcreator. etc. App development seems to be easier accept the $25 payment you have to make for your app to be published on Google play app store. 

You can easily sign up on admob, appnext, etc and start monetizing your app. 


Not only the listed ways above is the only way to make money online. If you truly want to make money online. You should be the kind of person that do research. Do not relent, go to search engine and make serious research. And you will surely get the best. Good luck.

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